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Do we care? The answer is a firm "yes"! Commit believes in following a code of conduct, business ethics and giving back to the community. If you are interested in finding out more about the way we do business, please contact us.


  1. Commit must respect its clients, partners, vendors and personnel. Consequently it expects to be treated with respect.
  2. Commit competes fairly with other competitors.
  3. Commit complies fully with all applicable laws and regulations and actively promotes and encourages awareness and compliance with these laws and regulations.
  4. All individuals are treated as such, and respected equally.
  5. Commit's clients must be offered services effectively, promptly and accurately.
  6. Commit shares a responsibility for its clients, partners, vendors and personnel around the world, as its activities, services and provisions are of a global impact.
  7. Compensation to our employees, suppliers and vendors must be fair, adequate and allow them to make a reasonable profit.
  8. Commit is a for-profit organization and as such, it must make an adequate and reasonable profit.
  9. Whenever possible, reserves of these profits must be maintained for hard times.


  1. Commit absolutely respects its employees' private and family life and will be considerate in allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities.
  2. Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism by Commit's employees is not only allowed but gravely encouraged.
  3. Commit encourages and pursues the development and advancement of its employees.
  4. Commit is committed to providing a collaborative and supporting work environment allowing employees to explore their skills and potential.
  5. Commit is an equal opportunity employer.


  1. Commit is a responsible member of the society and the local community. As such, every year Commit is committed to give back to the community a part of its profits, in the form of gifts, donations, endorsements, or other social work.
  2. Commit is committed to the protection of the environment. Hence, Commit fully recycles paper, hardware, and other materials.

Finally, Commit will make mistakes as it is humans that are at its core. These mistakes will be paid for and will serve as a lesson for the future.