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How do our people work? People are the core of the way we do business. They are the responsible for setting up the technology and establishing the necessary quality processes for smooth project management and completion. Learn more about the background of our teams by visiting the Personnel page.

Project Management Teams

Commit recognizes the need for expertise. That's why we have separate project management teams handling the different industries projects. They consist of project leads, project managers and linguists that have been trained, working and acquiring experience in the specific field, able to deeply understand the linguistic issues and terminology.

  • IT Localization
  • IT has been the core industry of specialty since Commit's establishment in 1997. Our IT Localization teams work on projects from Fortune 500 clients, helping them localize products, applications and services from every possible IT sector, including cell phones, handhelds, computers, imaging & printing devices, networking & storage equipment, peripherals, etc.

  • IT/SW/Engineering Localization
  • The IT/SW Localization team, besides being an expert on IT technology and products, has the additional expertise on localizing your software applications, following sophisticated and specialized processes and using specific tools for localization and testing. The members of our team have years of experience in software localization, including numerous Microsoft OS products and applications.

  • Life Sciences Localization
  • Our Life Sciences Localization team works on medical device software and documentation, clinical research related materials, pharmaceutical and marketing texts. It works with subject-matter experts to answer the strict linguistic requirements of the industry.

  • Social Sciences Localization
  • The term 'Social Sciences' is commonly used as an umbrella term to refer to a multitude of other scientific fields such as economics, law, political science, sociology, education, etc. Our team, with the help of specialized and trusted linguists and partners, manages multi-layered projects providing customers with comprehensive solutions not only in linguistic matters, but also in creating or retaining a consistent corporate image in their collateral and other documents.