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Technology is an integral part of our business. It can help reduce time and cost − when used wisely − and improve quality on the way. Our people leverage the right tools to create the most efficient processes, tailored to your specific needs.

Translation Tools

Translation tools (also called CAT - Computer Aided Translation tools) are in essence databases where the translated content is stored, segment by segment, along with the source text. Therefore, when the same segment comes up again for translation, there is no need to re-translate it, only to edit it, making sure it is appropriate for re-use in the specific context.

Software Localization Tools

Software Localization Tools are specialized tools that enable the localization of User Interfaces, software applications, databases, help systems, and web sites. They provide a user-friendly environment for locating the localizable resources (menus, dialog boxes, strings, etc.), translating them into the target language and building the localized version. By localizing your applications, software products and websites into new languages, you open new markets and increase your geographical reach and profit.

DTP/Formatting Tools

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is the process of creating and/or adjusting the layout of printed materials (brochures, newsletters, posters, booklets, image files, etc.) for printing or for electronic distribution. Various DTP tools are available to control the design, layout and typography of the various file types, in order to suitably customize them to the target locale and create an appealing final output of high quality.

Project Workflow & Management Tools

The lifecycle of a translation/localization project consists of many phases − from the initial quote and the file preparation/analysis, to finding the right resources, monitoring the progress of the localization, delivering the localized files and invoicing. The Workflow & Management tools help all human resources involved in a project control and automate these processes for speedy completion, maximized efficiency and successful delivery.